What is Somerville Studios?

Somerville Studios is a shared membership, private studio rental space.  It is located off I-93 and just minutes from downtown Boston.  This space is ideal for the photographer or videographer looking to have their own studio but without the hassle of management and costs.  This space is also an excellent location for seminars, workshops, private classes and private events.

How private is this space?

The studio space on the fourth floor is completely yours during your booked rental time.  The lounge, meeting table, hair & makeup station, and editing stations are all located behind one closed door, leaving you with the complete freedom and privacy as if you had your own personal studio.

What is in the studio?

The studio offers an array of commodities including: editing stations with 4 monitors, a seamless cyclorama with corner condition, professional hair and makeup station, conference table, lounge, fridge and a microwave.  As a member you will also have access to our light stands and basic lighting kits.

How do I book my time?

Members will be given access to a shared online calendar.  Simply log in to view open times and reserve your shoot.  Shoots generally range between 4-8 hours.  Once booked, the studio is yours!

For short term and hourly rentals you may contact the studio directly at info@somervillestudios.com or give us a call and reserve your requested times. 

How does the pricing and memberships work?

Being a member is just like an apartment or other space in terms of having a lease.  First, last, and a half month security fee are due upon registration.  Rent is do on the first of every month.  We do offer discounts when membership is paid in full.  Just like a lease, a contract is to be signed upon registration.

What about utilities?  

These are paid for by Somerville Studios along with our property lease.  Your monthly fee is all you have to worry about so there are no additional costs.

How about equipment rentals?

We offer basic lighting kits to members.  These kits include 4 panels of continuous LED's as well as 2 small strobe kit with umbrellas, stands and softboxes.  Our studio is located just two blocks down the street from Boston Photo Rental, giving you access to a vast array of equipment rentals ranging from cameras, lenses, commercial lighting kits, and much more!

How do I sign up?

Signing up is easy.  Simply contact the studio to start the process.  Once you determine which membership is best for you, we will send you over the contract and take it from there. We accept checks as well as credit cards, which can be paid online.

Are there other locations to shoot on, outside of the studio?

Yes!  Along side the basement and freight elevator, we have a beautiful turn of the century wood staircase with ample natural light leading up to the studio.  We do offer rooftop access as well, with special notice.

What is the Cancellation Policy for The Studio?

Please refer to our Legal Terms and Condition and Renters Agreement to learn more.

How accessible is the studio and do you offer parking?

Our studio is a short drive from exit 29 off I-93 as well as minutes from Memorial and Storrow Drive.  Free on-street parking is available.